Empirical Research on Religion & Ecology

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This list is intended to provide a comprehensive survey of empirical research into religion and environmental action (for lack of better terminology). The reader will find that this includes a large range of peer-reviewed journal articles in social scientific and religious studies journals, but this list also includes a smaller group of monographs in which original empirical research plays a part and articles or chapters which discuss methodological approaches for empirical studies in religion and ecology.

Abstracts included here are produced for an English-speaking audience, but the bibliography is meant to include research in any language. It you notice any errors or missing data, or if you are aware of any research that is not represented here, please send us an email with a citation, a PDF (if you’re the author), and an abstract (if possible) and we’ll be quite glad to include it here. Keeping in mind that this is a diverse discipline straddling both humanities and social sciences, please do note that many very fine studies in religion and ecology aren’t included here because they lack a substantial or original discussion of empirical research.

This bibliography was originally generated to support our empirical work in Scottish churches for the Ancestral Time project and is a work in progress. Over the next year, it will include a variety of research outputs related to our own project research. I also mean to update the list in the coming months so that readers can sort and filter by specific details of each study (sample size, details of research subject etc.). A limited set of these are already represented with the “tag cloud” below. Any feedback is most welcome and we will continue to add new research to this list as it becomes available.

Thanks are also in order to Anthony J. Blasi who maintains the ARDA Sociology of Religion Searchable Bibliographic Database which provided several of the items included below. The dissertation (listed below under 2011) by Martine Vonk provides a useful  summary of data involved in empirical studies in Appendix A of her dissertation which was also consulted for this bibliography.

Please get in touch if you’d like to obtain this bibliography in an electronic format. Also, this list is replicated on CiteULike, Mendeley and Zotero for those who are interested in viewing there.

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